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Original Manuscript of the Exercises restored

The oldest manuscript of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius has been restored. Over the years, acid had corroded the paper inks, perforating many pages and threatening the preservation o... >>> More

Father General's Visit to San Salvador

From April 30 to May 6, Father General traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador, for a joint meeting of the Jesuit conferences of Latin America and Canada-USA. One of the major discussions of the ... >>> More

JesWeb Meeting in Germany

The annual JesWeb meeting (for web masters and editors of online Jesuit productions) took place at Heinrich Pesch Haus in Ludwigshafen, Germany from 11-14 April. Although JesWeb is officially a gathe... >>> More

Prayer for GC36

God our Father, almighty and merciful,

You sent Your Son Jesus, Your living Word,

to save the human race by His life, death, and resurrection,

and You send Your Holy Spirit to inspire and accompany

Your pilgrim Church on earth.

With confidence, we pray for the Society that bears the name of Jesus:

Grant the 36th General Congregation openness to hear your Spirit

so that we may live for the greater glory of your name,

faithful to our history and the example of the saints

who have gone before us.

Give us the spirit to serve beneath the banner of the Cross on behalf of Your Church,

a profound love for the world You have created and entrusted to Your people,

the grace to see with Your eyes

the beauty and suffering of our sisters and brothers,

hearts that beat in union with Your heart,

loving You and serving You in all things.

We ask all this through Jesus, the Savior who sets us free.


Mary, Mother of the Society of Jesus, intercede for us.

All you Saints of the Society, pray for us.


Today in History

31 August

1946/ The death of S.G. Joseph Picco, faithful and humble minister. Despite his frail health Fr. Joseph Picco devoted himself to a variety of ordinary jobs over a long life of priestly service. He wanted to be a missionary in Alaska, but his mission was to assist others: an elderly Jesuit who needed health care during his final months, students at the major seminary in Turin where he was confessor, and retreatants in Gozzano.

Original Manuscript of the Spiritual Exercises Restored

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