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Discerning Future apostolic preferences based on founding documents

Jesuits in the New Province of Canada: not administrators, not dreamers, but committed "collaborators"

Quebec - Haiti: a Jesuit Connection (A visit under the signs of rootedness and openness to the world)

Fr General Celebrates Pentecost at the Martyrs' Shrine in Canada

“Companions with Others in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice"

“Ask that the Society may be able to discern” – Fr Arturo Sosa

Father General Arturo Sosa, S.J. | Conversations with America Magazine - The Jesuit Review
Father General Arturo Sosa announces the creation of Jesuit Province of Canada
Father General Arturo Sosa at Loyola High School
Today in History

22 June

1611/ The first Jesuits arrived in Canada, sent by Father General Claudio Aquaviva, at the request of King Henry IV of France.

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