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    Vol. XXI, No. 11 June 22, 2017



    New Region in Europe

    Fr. General has approved the creation of the new independent region of the European Low Countries (ELC), effective July 31 of this year. This new region will comprise the current provinces of Holland (NER) and Northern Belgium (BSE). Fr Johan Verschueren, current Provincial of the two provinces, has been appointed to serve as Regional Superior.


    International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE)

    The International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) met in Rome from May 24 to 27. The annual meeting is an opportunity for the six regional delegates, the Secretary for Education and the assistants to the Secretariat to come together, share the state of Jesuit Education in the world, the projects of the secretariat and discuss initiatives that can support the construction of the Jesuit School network. One of the major topics of discussion was the upcoming International Congress of Jesuit Education Delegates (JESEDU-Rio2017), October 2017 and the results of the virtual version held in March 2017. Read more...


    Father General holds extended council meeting

    Father General hosted a meeting of the extended council from June 5-9, consisting of all the General Counsellors, the six Conference Presidents, and the four heads of Curia Secretariats (Secondary Education, Higher Education, Social Justice and Ecology, and Collaboration). The focus of the extended council meeting was a review of the apostolic preferences as mandated by GC36. The process adopted was in keeping with 'discernment in common' in the spirit of GC36. Read more...



    Pope Francis has appointed:


    - Father Alexander Aloysius "Alan" McGuckian (HIB) as bishop of Raphoe Diocese, Ireland. He was born in 1953; entered the Society in 1972, and was ordained in 1984.


    Father General has appointed:


    - Father Johan Verschueren (BSE) as Regional Superior of the new European Low Countries Region (ELC). 



    Joint ecumenical statement for World Refugee Day 2017

    The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) marked World Refugee Day on 20 June 2017 by calling on wealthy countries to take responsibility for wounds inflicted on our planet. In a joint statement with other Christian partners, JRS observed; "Increasingly around the world we witness the building of walls to keep out the displaced: not just physical walls, but also walls of fear, prejudice, hatred, and ideology. Let us all, as one human family, strive to build bridges of solidarity rather than walls of division. Our refugee sisters and brothers present us with opportunities for mutual enrichment and flourishing: it is God who brings us together." Read more...



    AUSTRALIA: Jesuit Province to divest from fossil fuels

    Australian Provincial Fr Brian McCoy, SJ, has committed the Australian Jesuits to divesting from fossil fuels. "In the light of our commitment to reconciliation with creation, we believe that divestment is an ethical, impactful and valuable opportunity to consider not only for the Australian Province but for all Australian companies," said Fr McCoy in a statement released for World Environment Day on June 5. Fr McCoy said that the Province would be working closely with its external asset managers to develop strategies to divest in fossil fuel or tier 1 companies - as detailed in the Australian Institute March Report 'Climate proofing your investment: Moving funds out of fossil fuels' - with the view to adding this to its screening requirements. Read more...