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    Vol. XX, No. 3 February 8, 2016



    CHAD: First Fe y Alegría Congress in Africa

    More than 40 participants from various Jesuit Provinces in Africa gathered from January 25 - 31 in Chad, for the first ever Fe y Alegría Congress in Africa. Also present were representatives from JESAM (Jesuits of Africa and Madagascar), the International Federation of Fe y Alegría, Jesuit Refugee Service, Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría Spain, Alboan, Porticus, and Misereor. Fe y Alegría, one of the largest non-profit educational institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, has since 2007, with the founding of Fe y Alegría Chad, been working to spread its educational mission in Africa. A work of the Society of Jesus and recognized in successive General Congregations as one of the most important Jesuit networks working for justice in the world today, Fe y Alegría annually reaches over 1.5 million participants in low-income neighborhoods and rural communities.


    INDONESIA: Converging to dialogue on sustainability of life

    This August will see an estimated 100 Jesuits, collaborators and friends converging in Indonesia to reflect, discuss and explore actions on sustainability of life in the ASEAN context. Titled "A call to dialogue on sustainability of life in the ASEAN context", the meeting involves nine areas in which the Jesuits in Asia Pacific work - Buddhism, Islam, Indigenous Ministry, Social Apostolate, Migration, Reconciliation with Creation, Higher Education, Basic Education and Formation. It will be held in Sanata Dharma University, the Jesuit university in Yogyakarta, from August 7 to 10.


    KENYA: AJAN HIV&AIDS Prevention Program for the Youth - AHAPPY

    Nearly five years ago, the African Jesuit Aids Network (AJAN) established a program focusing on the needs of young people aged between 10 - 24 years of aged. With foundations in Ignatian Spirituality and Pedagogy, the program aims at promoting the integral development of young people. It is therefore not focused solely on HIV and AIDS matters. According to AHAPPY Program Manager, Pauline Wanjau, "the vision of the AHAPPY program is to become an information hub on HIV and AIDS and other health related issues that affect young people in Sub-Saharan Africa." Recently, AJAN through AHAPPY has been developing an e-library with a capacity of 25,000 volumes. These valuable resources can be accessed through www.ajanresourcecentre.org


    KOREA: An opportunity to learn about the migrant worker

    The Korean Jesuit Province is offering a program to help young Jesuits in formation understand the real situation of migrants in an industrialized society like Korea, and the urgency of the issues they face. The program will be run by Yiutsari, the Jesuit migrant center located in Gimpo. Migration is one of the priorities of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific and Immersion Program on Migration in Korea (IPMK) 2016 will encourage participants to reflect on how to be with migrants, who are often marginalized in the countries they go to for work, and suffer from economic and social discrimination. Read more...


    SPAIN: 'Lost' painting of St Francis Xavier discovered

    A painting thought to be of St Francis Xavier SJ - and believed to have been lost almost 250 years ago - has been rediscovered at the Royal Scots College, Salamanca in Spain. When the Scots Parliament outlawed Catholicism in Scotland in 1560, seminaries were founded at Tournay, Rome, Paris and Madrid to ensure a supply of priests for the Scottish Mission. The Tournay seminary later moved to Douay and the college in Madrid was entrusted to the Jesuits. In 1771, having failed to produce very many priests for the mission in Scotland, the college in Madrid relocated to the former Jesuit Colegio de San Ambrosio in Valladolid where it remained for more than 200 years. However, in 1988, it was decided to move to the university city of Salamanca, principally to give students the possibility of attending the Pontifical University, which had been founded by Pope Pius XII in 1940.



    Acta Pekinensia

    An important text in the history of contact between China and Europe -  the Acta Pekinensia - has just been published. It is a joint publication by the Jesuit publisher of historical studies in Rome, Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu, and the Macau Ricci Institute. The book presents a lively account by the German Jesuit Kilian Stumpf written during the Papal Legation to China between 1705 and 1710. From his privileged position in Beijing, with local knowledge as director of the imperial glassworks for the Chinese Emperor Kangxi, and his service to the Legation and the Jesuits, Kilian Stumpf keenly observed this important moment in European-Chinese interaction. In these pages, we encounter the question of Chinese rituals for ancestors and Confucius, famously known as the Chinese rites controversy: we discover how the Legation's negative views contributed to the transformation of Chinese Catholicism, confirming the decision that many local practices were incompatible with Christian teachings and worship; we may observe, too, the vilification of the Jesuits that culminated in their suppression by 1773. The detailed view of events and key documents sent to Rome that constitute the Acta Pekinensia provide a precious record of these contacts and conflicts in China at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The text has been transcribed, translated and annotated for the first time in English in this handsomely-presented volume, with accompanying CD-Rom (containing scans of the original folios and Latin transcriptions of the text); it is edited by Paul Rule and Claudia von Collani.

    Kilian Stumpf SJ, The Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of the Maillard de Tournon Legation, Volume I December 1705-August 1706, edited by Paul Rule and Claudia von Collani (Monumenta Historica S.I. Nova Series 9), Rome-Macau, IHSI-MRI, 2015, Hardback, Illustrations, CLXX+735 p. + Cd-Rom, ISBN 978 88 7041 209 3. €70.00