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    Vol. XXI, No. 08 May 8, 2017



    Diary of St. Ignatius Loyola restored

    The original copy of the Spiritual Diary of St. Ignatius Loyola has been restored.  The painstaking work was carried out by a team led by Dr Melania Zanetti of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. In 2016, the same team completed the restoration process of the original manuscript of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Dr Zanetti presented the restored diary to Father General Arturo Sosa on Saturday, April 22. 




    Father General has appointed:


    - Fr. Antonio Moreno (PHI), as president of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP). Father Moreno was born in 1961, entered the Society in 1983, and was ordained in 1993. He is the current provincial of the Philippines Province. He will succeed Father Mark Raper as conference president. 




    DR CONGO: Father General meets with collaborators and Ignatian family

    On May 2, Father General met Jesuit collaborators and the Ignatian family (CLC, Apostleship of Prayer and Eucharistic Youth Movement), as well as the faithful of the local Church at Saint Peter Claver Church, in Bukavu. Father General expressed concern about the political and security situation in DR Congo. The Society will endeavor to respond in the best way possible, he said. The best answer, for Father General, must be part of the ministry of reconciliation to which the GC36 invites us. After a short photo shoot with the faithful, Father General visited the works of the parish, including the St. Peter Claver dispensary.


    KENYA: Faculty of Theology - Dare to believe in this dream

    On May 4, 2017, Father General Arturo Sosa officially inaugurated the new Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar in Nairobi, Kenya. "Today we are gathered at this Eucharistic celebration to mark a milestone in the mission of theological formation and education that unites our two theologates - Hekima College and Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus. It is an occasion of joy to formally inaugurate the Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar." Referring to the Acts of the Apostles (8:26-40), Father General went on to say, "Many will carry in their hearts the Ethiopian's question and plea: 'How can I understand unless someone instructs me?' Here in this Faculty, and in its sister-institute in Abidjan, the Spirit of the Risen Christ will inspire men and women to instruct students in understanding revelation, exploring diverse traditions of wisdom and addressing the questions of the changing times. Unlike the lonely desert road of Jerusalem to Gaza, this Faculty will become a flourishing route of knowledge, wisdom and ideas travelled by countless men and women under the guidance of the Spirit of Christ who is revealed in the universe as the way, the truth and the life. I invite you - lecturers, administrators, students and staff - to dare to believe in this dream and work towards its fulfilment."


    RWANDA: Father General's Tour of the Rwanda-Burundi Region

    On 28 April, Father General visited Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace and Saint Ignatius High School in Kigali, Rwanda. In his address to the students, Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ praised the staff and students for the work they are doing and encouraged the Jesuits in their trust and commitment. He mentioned that he also is a graduate from a Jesuit High School, which had started very small but with time, little by little has emerged into a big school. He told the school administrative staff that they are not alone. God is with them, and the Society of Jesus is with them too. He encouraged them to keep the spirit of the magis; a spirit that reminds everyone that they can do more and better, he added. "Magis moves you to be always better in service to others, to the African continent, and to the entire human society."