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Category: Provinces
Number of sites found: 99

イエズス会 - Jesuits in Japan Japan/ イエズス会
Andra Province Website of Andra Jesuit Province
Baltic Jesuits Lithuania and Latvia/ Baltic Jesuits
Bombay Province Bombay / Jesuits Province website
Calcutta Province (CCU) Calcutta/Jesuit Province Website
California Province of the Society of Jesus California/ Jesuits of the California Province
Céska provincie Tovarysstva Jezísova Czeck Republic/ Céska provincie Tovarysstva Jezísova.
Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus Chicago-Detroit/ Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus.
Compañía de Jesús (Antillas) Antillas/ Provincia de las Antillas
Compañía de Jesús (Colombia) Colombia/ Provincia Colombiana.
Compañía de Jesús (Venezuela) Venezuela/ Provincia de Venezuela.
Compañía de Jesús (Centroamerica) Sito dei gesuiti di CentroAmerica
Compañía de Jesús en Bolivia Bolivia/ Jesuitas de Bolivia.
Darjeeling Province Darjeeling / Jesuits Province website
Delhi Province Delhi / Jesuits Province website
Deutsches Provinzialat Germany/ Deutsche Jesuiten.
Gesuiti d'Italia Italy/ Gesuiti della Provincia Italiana.
Goa Province Goa / Jesuits Province website
Iezuitii in Romania Romania/ Iezuitii in Romania
Independent Russian Region of the Society of Jesus Russia/ Regio Independens Russica SJ
Isusovci Jesuits in Croatian Province
Jésuites de la Province de France France/ Jésuites de la Province de France.
Jamshedpur Jesuits Jamshedpur Province of the Society of Jesus
Jamshedpur Province Jamshedpur / Jesuits Province website
Jesuítas Portugal Portugal/ Provincia Portuguesa da Companhia de Jesus.
Jesuïtes a Catalunya Tarragon/ Província Tarraconense de la Companya de Jesús.
Jesuit of English Speaking Canada Jesuits of the English Canada Province.
Jesuitas Brasil Brazil/General website
Jesuitas de Andalucía y Canarias España/Jesuitas de Andalucía y Canarias
Jesuitas de Ecuador Ecuador/ Información de la Provincia Ecuatoriana de la Compañía de Jesús
Jesuitas del Paraguay Web de la Provincia de Paraguay
Jesuitas del Perú Peru/ Provincia del Perú
Jesuitas en Amazonia Regiao dependente Brasil Amazonia
Jesuitas Provincia de Aragon España/Jesuitas de Aragon
Jesuitas Provincia de Castilla España/Jesuitas de Castilla
Jesuitas Provincia de Loyola España/Jesuitas de Loyola
Jesuitas.pt punto de encontro Portugal/ Tudo sobre a Companhia de Jesus em Portugal e no mundo.
Jesuiten Austria/ Jesuiten in Österreich.
Jesuiten in der Schweiz Schweizer Jesuiten
Jésuites de Belgique francophone et du Luxembourg South Belgium/ Jésuites de Belgique francophone et du Luxembourg.
Jésuites du Canada français French Canada/ Province du Canada Français.
Jésuites en Suisse Jésuites en Suisse
Jésuites, Province d'Afrique Centrale Afrique Centrale/ Province
Jesuitorden Jesuiterna i Sverige - Jesuits in Sweden.
Jesuits in Britain Britain/ Jesuits of the British Province.
Jesuits in Guyana Guyana Region
Jesuits in South Africa South Africa.
Jesuits of China China/ Society of Jesus, Chinese Province. This is the official website of Society of Jesus, Chinese Province. It has Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions, as well as English version.
Jesuits of Malaysia-Singapore Singapore/Jesuits of Malaysia-Singapore.
Jesuits of Northwest Africa Northwest Africa/ The homepage of Jesuits in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia
Jesuits of the Missouri Province Missouri/ Jesuits of the Missouri Province. USA.
Jesuits of Ukraine Ukrain/ Information in Ukrainian about the Jesuit district of Ukraine
Jesuits Zimbabwe Jesuits in Zimbabwe
Jesuits, Society of Jesus Australia Australia/ Jesuits of the Autralian Province.
Jezuici w Polsce/Jesuits in Poland Poland/ Serwer Prowincji Wielkopolsko-Mazowieckiej w Warszawie / Index page for the two Polish provinces:Provincia Poloniae Maioris et Mazoviae (PMA).
Jezuïeten in Nederland Vlaanderen Netherlands/ Jezuïeten in Nederland Vlaanderen.
Jezuiti v Sloveniji Slovenia/ Jesuits in Slovenia
Jézus Társasága Hungary/ Jezsuiták.
Karnataka Province Karnataka / Jesuits Province website
Kerala Jesuits The Jesuits in Kerala
Kerala Province Kerale / Jesuits Province website
Les Jésuites de la Province de L'Afrique de L'Ouest West Africa
Les Jésuites de la Région du Rwanda Burundi Rwanda-Burundi/ Jesuits working in the two nations, Rwanda and Burundi
Los Jesuitas del Paraguay Provincia del Paraguay
Los Jesuitas en Argentina Provincia Argentino-Uruguaya
Los Jesuítas en España Spain/ Jesuítas de España.
Los Jesuitas en Uruguay Provincia Argentino-Uruguaya
Madurai Province Madurai / Jesuits Province website
Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus Maryland/ Jesuits of the Maryland Province. USA.
Near East Jesuit Province Jesuits in Near East
Nepal Jesuit Society The Jesuits in Nepal
Nepal Region Nepal / Jesuits Regional website
New England Province of the Society of Jesus New England/ Jesuits of the New England Province, USA.
New Orleans Province Jesuits New Orleans/ The home page of the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus Oregon/ Jesuits of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska
Patna Province Patna / Jesuits Province website
Província Do Brasil Centro-Leste (BRC) Central-East Brazil/Província Do Brasil Centro-Leste
Província Do Brasil Meridional (BRM) South Brazil/ Província Do Brasil Meridional (BRM)
Província Do Brasil Nordeste (BNE) North-East Brazil/Província Do Brasil Nordeste
Province of Eastern Africa East Africa/ Jesuits working in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
Provincia Chilena de la Compañía de Jesús Chile/ Provincia Chilena de la Compañía de Jesús.
Provincia de Castilla Castilla/ Los Jesuitas de Castilla
Provincia Mexicana de la Compañía de Jesús Mexico/ Provincia Mexicana de la Compañía de Jesús.
Provincialado do Brasil BRA Province
Prowincja Polski Południowej TJ z siedzibą w Krakowie South Poland/ Serwer Prowincji Południowej - Provincia Poloniae Meridionalis (PME) w Krakowie.
Pune Province Pune/ Jesuits Province website
Ranchi Jesuit Society Ranchi / Jesuits Province website
Spolocnost Ježišova na Slovensku Slovakia/ Spolocnost Ježišova na Slovensku
Sri Lanka Province Sri Lanka Province/Jesuit Province Website
Thailand Region of the Society of Jesus Thailand/ Jesuits of Thailand
The Indonesian Province of the Society of Jesus Indonesia/ Home page of the Indonesian province
The Jesuit Province of Malta Malta/ Jesuits of Malta.
The Jesuits in Guyana Society of Jesuis, Guyana Region
The Jesuits of Ireland Ireland/ News about the Jesuits of Ireland
The New York Province Society of Jesuits New York/ The Jesuits of New York, USA.
The Philippine Province Philippines/ The official website of the Philippines Jesuits.
The Society Of Jesus in Korea Korea/ Jesuits of the Korea Province.
The Vietnam Province Vietnam/ Jesuits of Vietnam
Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus Wisconsin/ Jesuits of the Wisconsin Province, USA.


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