The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia in Rome


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  • To build bridges between the rich and the poor, and establish advocacy links... (GC 35, # 3.28)

  • South Asian Conference Social Coordinators 2012

  • Let us be protectors of creation, protectors of God's plan inscribed in nature (Pope Francis, 2013)

  • 'Friends of the Lord' means 'Friends with the poor'(GC 34, # 2.9)

  • Move beyond doubts and indifference to take responsibility for our home, the Earth (GC 35, # 3.31)

  • To respond today to pressing needs of our complex and fragile world, many hands are surely needed (GC 35, # 6.30)

  • To discover new horizons and to reach new social, cultural and religious frontiers... (GC 35, # 1.6)

  • Asia Pacific Conference Social Apostolate gathering 2013

  • Love of God which does not issue in justice for others is a farce (Pedro Arrupe SJ, 1973)


Shareholder advocacy or co-optation

Leonard Chiti SJ (ZAM)

In 2016, I found myself elected delegation leader to two foreign business trips on behalf a huge government corporation with interest in a variety of business sectors. This came about following my appointment to sit on the Board of Directors of the same the corporation.

Leading a business delegation to conduct due diligence with a view towards investing in a commercial undertaking might appear counter-intuitive to my training and formation as an anti-capitalist activist. After all, for a person trained and formed to take the position of the poor in business practices, could this be seen as betraying the very people one purports to work with and for. The option for the poor is a strong...

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