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Father General's Journey - May 2014

On 25 April, Father General left Rome for South America. He will return on 12 May. The first stop of the visit was British Guyana, Venezuela and Cuba. During the second half of this visit, Father General took part in the 28th Meeting of Latin America Provincials (CPAL). On Friday, 25 April, Father General began his journey in British Guyana. After a night in Barbados, he arrived in Georgetown at noon on 26 April. Visits to apostolic works of the Society, and a meeting with Jesuits and their collaborators followed. Father General left for Venezuela on Monday, 28 April, where his stay centered on Caracas and Maracaibo. In Caracas, he visited the Catholic Andrés Bello University, the La Vega barrio, the Educational and Pedagogical Reflection Center, the San Ignacio College, and the Jesús Obrero center of collaboration, where he met Jesuits and their collaborators. The visit in Maracaibo on 30 April, allowed him to familiarize himself with the Ignatian Apostolic Network of Zulia. On the evening of 2 May, he left for Cuba, where he remained until the afternoon of 4 May. In Havana, he met the country's religious congregations, as well as Jesuits and their collaborators. He participated in the Festival de Jóvenes Ignacianos. On the Sunday evening he travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico, to take part in the Latin American Provincials meeting.